Customer feedback on LaQ from Highpoint - Dec 2016

March 04, 2017

Customer feedback on LaQ from Highpoint - Dec 2016

After a fantastic opening at Highpoint Shopping Centre, we've been busy preparing for the new year armed with lots of great feedback from the many many customers who had the chance to explore and play with LaQ.

The playtable was a big hit, it was constantly full, and allowed people to spend time playing with LaQ to learn from instructions, or to make their own creations. Together with a full range of display models, we saw many repeat visitors and people keen to try a very different building toy experience.

Feedback came from a wide variety of visitors:

  • Boys at primary school age loved the Snap and Click experience
  • Girls at primary school age loved how interactive the toys were, after you had finished building them
  • Older children and keen adult toy construction fans were impressed by the challenges of building some of advanced 3D models
  • Educators from pre-school through to school teachers, also were quick to grasp the benefits and possibilities from playing through to developing concentration skills. We'll expand a bit more on this soon, as this very much reflects the overseas experience of how LaQ

With such strong feedback, we'll be ramping up the availability and presence across retail stores in Australia. We'd love to hear your own feedback on the LaQ toy range - drop us a line at about what you like or what would make it a better experience!