LaQ Festa Highlights - Part 2 - Builder Competition

August 08, 2018

LaQ Festa Highlights - Part 2 - Builder Competition

The LaQ Festa has many different zones and activities throughout the event, to encourage interaction of participants at all ages, rather than just a passive showcase of LaQ Models.


Another regular highlight is the LaQ building competition held on Day 1 of the Festa. Here is a time-limited competition for 15 master builders to create a model fitting the "Under the sea" theme. What was really great for us to see was the diversity of the master builders which included many primary school age girls and boys, mothers. Many of the models had movable features that brought their model to life such as rotating gears, jumping dolphins and transformation.



We loved the genius of this girl's design for the competition. It appears as a simple fish model - but transforms into something quite different!

Penguin Matroshka

Unfolding the modelHow a fish turns into penguins