Adrian from Caroline Springs

"Me and my daughter were very happy to bump into your pop-up store at Highpoint at Christmas time last year.  The girls at the store were very helpful and friendly.

We purchased a BASIC 2400 COLORS kit.  My daughter has enjoyed hours of time with creating many things from the great instructions and her imagination."

Lisa (14 years old)

It’s more fun and you can do so much more given the curved and 3D connectors”

Kindergarten Teacher from Kew

The children have been enjoying the opportunity to explore LaQ and their creations have already far surpassed my expectations. Some have even been going home and telling their parents about a great new toy that we have at kinder!

The greatest benefit that I have seen for the children so far has been that there is no restriction for them. They can opt to use the templates that you provided (and many did when they first started exploring the toy), or they can experiment with their own designs and ideas. In relation to social learning, I noticed that the children were excited about exploring LaQ on their own but also very excited about trying to make some of the creations that they saw their peers create. Not only did their ideas have value, but they recognised that their peers had equally valuable (sometimes more valuable!) ideas to explore as well

The small size of the toy has particularly strong benefits in regards to fine motor development and dexterity  LaQ has also provided the children with additional opportunities to speak about their ideas with their peers, to share instructions about how to construct specific things or break the pieces apart, and share feedback about their own and other people’s creations with each other and with their educators

These are just some of the benefits that I have noticed since introducing the children to LaQ Toys, and I have no doubts that many more benefits would emerge as the children spent more time engaging with them. Thank you for introducing the children (and me!) to these great toys.

 Jude from Carnegie (10 years old)

I enjoy playing with LaQ because I can make anything and the possibility are limitless.  My favourite creation is the helicopter and I'm currently working on a y-wing starfighter.

Annabelle and Timothy from Hawthorn East (11 years old and 8 years old)

You can make creative, fun, 3D objects with the LaQ pieces which are easy to assemble and take apart. The instruction booklets are easy to follow and you can use your imagination as well!

Kristie from Melbourne (5 year old daughter)

My 5 year old daughter has always enjoyed construction toys, but LaQs have taken her love for building to a new level!  We have the Sweet Collection and from what I can see, she loves how she can used the same pieces to create a range of different objects, from baskets and boxes to a pastry stand with little cakes and animal figurines.  She enjoys being able to follow the instructions but also free styling sometimes and come up with her own creations.  What is really good is that whatever she’s finished making, it’s sturdy enough for her and her 2 year old brother to play with it.  We’re so happy with it, we’ll definitely be buying more sets!