What is unique about LaQ?

What is unique about LaQ construction toys?

 Made in Japan LaQ is an award winning, innovative & highly educational construction toy, invented using Japanese culture and values. The simplicity of its Japanese design and high quality manufacturing from Japan enables infinite creative construction possibilities.
7 simple basic parts With only 7 different types of block parts, it's easy to combine different sets and colours to come up with fantastic new creations. A great hidden benefit due to the low number of part types is that parts can be easily replaced - 1 lost piece doesn't matter!

Snap and click from connecting parts

LaQ pieces make a fun snapping noise when putting the pieces together. The tactile experience of connecting parts is very rewarding, and encourages concentration in all ages.

Compact parts for travel With just 7 part types, the compact size of LaQ parts and its open ended nature, LaQ is great for taking as a travel toy. We've had feedback on how parents have packed a small container of LaQ, that enable kids to entertain themselves while eating out


LaQ comes in sets in themed collections and also in the Basic series, where the large kits such as the Basic 801, 2400 and 5000 encourage shared play with the high number of pieces.

The product range provides both the mix of following instructions, and unlimited open-ended play. The enjoyment with LaQ comes with the building experience and also through playing with the built models themselves, as the pieces are sturdy and firmly connected together.

    All instruction guides come with step by step diagrams to build each model. These teach the LaQ building techniques and help develop concentration and spatial ability. By learning the techniques, they also provide inspiration for imagining and building new models - extending to hours of fun.

    We've described the learning journey kids undertake when playing with LaQ. It enables left brain and right brain development, that is the foundation for future STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) skills. We also provide regular newsletters of special LaQ models through signing up here

      LaQ has been used in childcare centres for over 20 years, and have been endorsed by numerous education professionals across the world as an ideal learning development toy. LaQ has been made in Japan for over 25 years using high quality plastics, and has passed strict Japanese, US, European and Australian toy safety standards