About Us

About the company

Smart Toys Trading

Smartypants Toys is the website operated by Smart Toys Trading. Smart Toys Trading is an Australian company, importing, distributing and marketing high quality, educational interactive and unique toys from around the world.

It is focused on high quality toys for ages 4 and above, with distribution via national retail, wholesale and educational centres to excite and delight little and big kids.

Smart Toys Trading is the Authorised Distributor for LaQ building toys for Australia.

How we got started

The company was founded on the premise of sourcing innovative and new toys that we found during travels overseas and particularly from Japan. During the last few years, it had been a  struggle to find interesting and unique toys from Australia that would appeal to older kids above 5 years and upwards.

We were inspired to start the business in order to identify and source toys that would excite and delight kids of all ages, and fulfil our passion of enabling children to learn through playing.

Our management experience has been developed with over 15 years of buying and selling consumer and wholesale products across the entire supply chain in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (especially food and retail). Through this experience with some of the best worldwide multi-national brands, we have a very sound understanding of consumer insights, importing high quality goods from overseas and selling them into Australia.

Where are we

We are based in Melbourne and can be contacted through info@smartypantstoys.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/LaQAust/